If you want to declare a claim here is the procedure to follow:

Send all the informations necessary and related to your claim to:

Service Indemnisation
22, rue du Docteur Nève
B.P. 40056

You can also send an email at SINDAB@CMAM.FR with the following subject "déclaration de sinistres".

If you need more help you can have a look here.

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As a student in France, it is your legal responsibility to get insured for your home and for your public liability.
Lucie provides you both.

Il est obligatoire d’avoir une assurance habitation.
Il te faut une responsabilité civile pour étudier en France.
Avec Lucie, tu bénéficies des deux.

Our coverage for 3.9€/month.

Water leaks
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Frequent questions

Is all risk included?


Yes, all risk is always included in Lucie's home insurance.

How do I qualify for Lucie's insurance?


You have less than 30 years old, You have a valid school certificat for the current year and you are renting/co-renting your flat.

I have flatmates, is it a problem?


With our home insurance you can insure just yourself or also your flatmates (up to 4 persons). If you get it for your self only, you need to insure your room and the shared rooms (excluding the entrance, kitchen and bathrooms).

What should I do if I already have an insurance?


You can contact your insurer by phone or by mail to stop your contract.

Up to what value are my personal belongings insured?


Your personal belongings are insured up to 18,200€.